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Travarus Clark - CEO of Hi Definition Fit Club

Travarus Clark - CEO of Hi Definition Fit Club


Are You Tired of Charging Under Your Value? Hi Definition Fit Club is the ANSWER. This is a place for trainers to start their business and execute their plans without the stress of an overhead. We are here to serve trainers looking to book clients, gain revenue, and train without the average commercial gym restrictions.

Do I Get to Keep My Brand? Of course you do! Your interest is our interest, so there is no conflict. We actually encourage trainers to build their own brand. We are so motivated to see trainers build their own brand that we offer consulting, marketing, and management to help promote and grow their businesses.

How Do I Start? All you have to do is ‘Schedule Your Consultationand get ready to take off!

Are You a Trainer That’s Looking for A Home?

Bodies By Britney Training for OCB Competition at Hi Definition Fit Club

The Vision!

Our vision is to create an avenue that support trainers. The internet has brung an astonishing awareness to the benefits of exercise & nutrition, but unfortunately not a lot of trainers have the proper resources to be the solution to this exciting news. But we are here to help trainers formulate legit business structures, build their brand, and get the proper support to make their business a success. We are also striving to form a franchise chain across the world, so that we can provide a place that trainers can utilize. Yes, there are trainers that are training everywhere that you turn your head, but the questions are; How many are certified? How many own a legit business? How many are getting what they deserve for their time? We are here to help those who really want to take their fitness goals to another level.

Why Fitness?

The importance in taking care of your body is not only essential to living a balanced life, but it’s also a confidence booster. Fitness is a multi-phase platform that allow people to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually. Let’s be real, we are experiencing a epidemic of humans becoming overweight, depressed, and consistently challenged with mental health issues at a much faster rate and earlier young. Having nowhere to turn fitness can serve as an outlet with the ability to CHANGE YOU from the inside out. We have platforms where trainers all over the world can explore the opportunity to teach or share their knowledge to help others overcome those same obstacles. To say the least FITNESS is a modern day pulpit, and with the right message you are able to change many lives.

Owner’s Bio

Travarus Clark was born on August 17, 1984 in Chesapeake, Virginia, in the same area that NBA Hall of Famer, Alonzo Mourning grew up. As a young talent in many sports; physicality, health & wellness, and kinesiology has always been subjects that drove his interest. In 2012 after two years of challenging his body and planning, Travarus decided to start his first fitness business out of his mother’s basement. The idea to have an intimate place to train and mentor people was the goal in the beginning, but that would quickly change. After seeing the effects that FITNESS had on many of his clients, Travarus decided that a basement was too small, because now he wanted to help millions of people change their lives. Today that dream is still alive, and daily manifestations are taking place, as passion exudes out of his heart to transform everyone that he can.


Sponsorship Available

We are here to support you!! Ask about our sponsorship program and find out how you can become apart of our FIT CLUB. Once you join the team you will receive free promotions on our platforms, gain access to train at any of our locations, have brand ambassador opportunities and more…


Behind every successful person, there are many successful relationships.

— Joe Apfelbaum, CEO, Ajax Union

The Fitnest Network

This is a fitness group sponsored by Hi Definition Fit Club, created to take trainers to the next level. We assess trainer’s performances, provide marketing strategies, and coordinate events/classes to help trainers gain global exposure. The Fitnest Network is the WAVE! If you are interested in learning more about our events or how to join, please Click below.